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Tasting Room

What are your hours?
Summer hours are 12pm-9pm Thursday – Sunday, 12pm-8pm Monday – Wednesday!

Winter Hours are 4-8PM Monday-Tuesday, 12-8PM Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, 12-9PM Friday, Saturday.

After January 1st, we’ll be closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

For early closures/ holiday hours, visit our tasting room page. 

Do you allow pets?
While we love animals, we ask that you leave them at home unless you have a parrot that curses. Unfortunately, we had an employee get bitten by a dog in the tasting room.

Do you take reservations?

Do you serve food?
We do not, but you are welcome to bring in your own food or order from our neighbors at Place your order next door. They will give you a number that you display on your table. Plates, napkins and other needs can be found in the tasting room or at Folino’s. You must be a Fiddlehead patron to dine on our side.

Can I reserve the Tasting Room for an event?
Please email with event details.

Do you offer flights?
No, but we do offer 8oz pours of most of our beers.

Do you offer tours?
Not currently.

What is your favorite tour?
It’s hard to argue with the Summer Europe 1997 tour after Mike switched to the Modulus.

Can my band play music in your brewery?
Not currently.

Can I return/exchange this shirt I bought?
Yes, unworn merchandise may be returned with receipt if purchased within 90 days.

Do you fill guest growlers?
We do not fill outside growlers. There is a $3 deposit for every growler.

Can I return my growler?
Yes you can return your growler for your deposit as long as the growler is in good condition. CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS – Wash growler as soon as emptied. Triple rinse with hot water. Air dry upside down. Discard cap.



Do you brew with fiddleheads?

Do you feel what I feel? Can we make that, so it’s part of the deal?
I gotta hold you in these arms of steel. Lay your heart on the line, this time.

What is the phrase on the bottom of your can mean?

We are big music fans at Fiddlehead. Every can has a reference either to Phish or the Grateful Dead. If you are trying to decipher specifically what a can is referencing, we highly suggest listening to more Phish and the Grateful Dead. If you are still trying to decipher, send an email to

Can you give any pointers for my home brew clone?
No. Actually, yes. Don’t give it to your friends as gifts. No one wants to drink your peppermint stout with pumpkin seeds.

What PSI and temp would recommend for my kegerator?
Check this out.

Are you hiring?
Maybe. Check out our Careers Page



Do you have Beer X available?
HERE is what we currently have available in the market, visit our menu for what we currently have available in the tasting room.

When will you bring back Beer X?
Hard tellin’ not knowin’

Can I reserve a keg?
We sell kegs of Fiddlehead IPA directly from our tasting room. Please call the tasting room directly (802) 800-1216 to order for pickup. We offer two sizes of kegs.
13.2 gal Fiddlehead IPA $170
7.75 gal Fiddlehead IPA $101
For in state residents, we require a valid Vermont State ID for keg sales and a $30 deposit.
For residents of neighboring states (MA, NH, NY), we require a valid ID for keg sales and a $60 deposit. Kegs must be returned within 90 days. If keg is not returned within 90 days, we have the right to charge you an additional amount for the full cost of cooperage. We don’t want to do that. We want our kegs back.You may also purchase keg taps for $40 and keg buckets for $20 while supplies last.

What hops are in your beer?
Fresh, dank hops.

Is your beer vegan?
Maybe so, maybe not. Our recipes vary. Please email us if you have specific questions at

Does your beer contain wheat?
Our flagship, Fiddlehead IPA does not, but our recipes vary, so please email us if you have specific questions. Currently none of our beers are gluten free.

Do I need to keep my beer cold?
YES. All of our beer should be stored cold at all times, except for our For the Faithful Wild Ale Series.

I saw your beer warm on the shelf.
Thanks for looking out for us. Please send us details to

What is the shelf life of your beer?
Growlers should be opened within 24-72 hours of filling and should be consumed promptly within hours after opening.
Cans should be consumed within 3 months from the date on the bottom of the can.
Bottles can continue to evolve and develop. That being said, drink it already.

Have feedback about our beer? 
We love to hear what you think about our beer! Please fill out our Customer Feedback Form.

Do you direct ship beer?
We do not ship beer directly.



Do you distribute to my state?
We distribute beer to VT, NY, MA, NH, CT, RI, PA, NJ, DE, ME. To see where our beer is near you, check out our Beer Finder.

Who distributes your beer?
Farrell Distributing

Craft Massachusetts
L. Knife & Son
Seaboard Products Co.

New Hampshire:
New Hampshire Craft Alliance

New York:
A.L. George
Craft New York
High Peaks/McCraith
TJ Sheehan Distributing
Union Beer Distributors

Craft Connecticut

Rhode Island:
C&C Mancini 

New Jersey:
Hunterdon Brewing Co.


Penn Beer

Frank B Fuhrer Wholesale

LT Verrastro 


Standard Distribution Co


Maine Distributors

Valley Beverage 

National Distributors

Why don’t you distribute Mastermind?
Mastermind has limited availability. Check out our Team Mastermind page for more info.

Why can’t I buy a keg of your beer in my state? Where can I buy a keg of your beer in my state?
Kegs that are available to retail are limited.